So you have encountered the 'OOPS' page error.  

Some of the errors may be from the following:

  • The application page appears stuck.
  • My email and password is not recognized and/or wrong password.
  • I log in with the right email and right password but cannot move to the next step.
  • Other problems where the website is acting funny/unstable.

The vast majority of these basic problems can be solved by simply restarting your computer.  While you can use any computer, operating system and browser of your choosing, your system will become unstable and many programs will begin to act in a non-standard way over time.  Restarting your computer is a quick way to restore your system to maximum performance.

"Your resume is already in the system for a different job. You do not have to reapply" appears when you try to apply for a job.

This means that you have applied previously, but this company has a policy that dictates that a candidate can only apply to a single job in their database.  However, your profile is searchable by the HR team for consideration for other positions as well.

Please contact the company you applied with directly for any and all additional inquiries regarding this issue.

Have you lost your password to your application with a company you have applied with? How to recover a lost password

Just like any other secure login page, you can have your password emailed to you by going back to the website of your company of choice, finding a job you are interested in, and then press the Apply To This Job button. From the login page that pops up, just click the “I Forgot My Password” link.  You do not apply nor do you recover your password from the Hirebridge website.  You both apply and recover your password from the website of the company you applied with.

Here is an example of the application window the the "Forgot Password" link.  Use the blue "click here" link to have your password emailed to you.  Please check your spam filters if you do not receive it.

You can apply thru any desktop or laptop computer, and also most companies will now allow thru mobile devices such as phones or iPads. 

Please email if you experience a problem during the application process.