How To Apply


Hirebridge does not accept candidate resumes since we are not the employer. The most effective way to ensure all the relevant information required is received by your company of choice is to submit your application through their online system.  If you would like a job with a particular company, please visit their website and not since we have no job listings there.  


Go to the website of your company of choice and follow the navigation to their careers/jobs page, since that is the only place you can be sure to find their most current job opportunities and submit your application with valid links. You could also try searching at popular job websites such as or


Our online application is secure using the highest degree of encryption, so your data is safe.

In the example below, this employer allows you to search by zip code radius, then shows you the job description.  Clicking on the "Apply To This Job" button will open a pop up window that has the company name, job title and location.  Enter your email address click the Next button to begin your submission.  You will then be asked to enter your email address again to ensure that it is correct, and that email correspondence from your company of choice is delivered to the correct email address.


Do not hit the Enter key on your keyboard, always click the Next button



In this example, a detailed job description is shown.  The application pop up window appears when you click the "Apply Now" button on the left:




Here is an example of a common job details page with a blue Apply button.  Click Apply to open the popup application window.



Here is the application window requesting your email address to be verified, so enter your email address again and click Next.  If you have made a mistake, use the Click Here link to begin again.



Next, you will begin the application with a Pre-Requisite Question or just begin with a Contact section.  Please note that the application you see will vary based upon the company you are applying with.  You may be presented with a multiple page application with just a few questions on each page or a single page application where the entire application is presented at one time.

Here is an example of a multiple page application, page 1.

You must fill out all required information before you can proceed.

Some employers will allow you to upload a resume, or even require you to upload your resume.  Your resume must be in a text form, such as a Word document.  If it is a PDF file, please make sure it is a text file by opening it to determine if you can copy/paste the text out of it.  If you cannot, it is a scanned resume and cannot be uploaded.

Many applications let you apply with a resume, with your LinkedIn profile, or enter a resume on the fly by using our Resume Builder to manually enter your employment and education history.  Please note that the application you see will vary based upon the company you are applying with.



Keep clicking the Next button until you reach a confirmation page, which will let you know your application is complete.  A confirmation email is always sent.  If you do not receive it, please check your Spam folder.  Not receiving your confirmation email does not mean that anything is wrong with your submission, just that it was marked as spam by your email company (Gmail, etc) or the email program you are using (such as Outlook).

Here is an example of a confirmation page.  Please note that the application you see will vary based upon the company you are applying with.




Some employers require an assessment test to be completed immediately following the completion of the Hirebridge portion of your application.  Your application is not complete until you have finished an assessment if you are presented with one, as you see below.


Here is an example of a confirmation page that then requires the completion of an assessment test.