You change your password during the process of applying for a new job or editing your existing application.  

Note:  This does not apply to situations where you see ""Your resume is already in the system for a different job. You do not have to reapply" appears when you try to apply for a job."  If that is the message you see when you try to log into your existing profile, please view that article here.

  • Go to the website of the company you have applied with and click the Apply button for your new job or the job you applied previously.
  • Enter your email address and original password.  If you do not know your original password, just enter your email address and hit the Next button so the Forgot Password link will appear and you can have your original password emailed to you.
  • Log in with your email address and current password.

On the next page, which asks for your contact information, is the Update Password section that is highlighted in blue next to the mouse cursor. Here is your opportunity to change your password.  This is where you change your password on a multipage application.

Here is an example of where you change your password on a single page application:

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are editing an existing application, make sure you keep hitting the Next button to go through the entire application until you reach the Update Confirmation page.