We are very sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced. Hirebridge is a supplier of ATS software to hundreds of world class companies but does not perform Human Resource functions for our clients.  Therefore, we need to ensure your resume reaches the right place since you may not apply via email since an application consists of much more than just a resume or CV.

The most common reasons to experience in error in submitting an application to your employer of choice:
  1. Entering non-standard data into the application form:  double check all the fields to ensure that your dates are correct, and that only numbers are in numerical fields (such as GPA), and that only text is in text fields. Make sure you have not used a comma instead of period in a numerical field.
  2. In the Employment and Education History sections, avoid special characters, non-English characters with accent marks, or bullets from a text editing program that may not exist in a standard web browser font, which is most easily accomplished by typing into the text field rather than copy/pasting from another source. You should also take a look at your resume, if you uploaded one, to make sure you don’t have special characters or use odd characters as spacing, such as “Job Title ………………………………………………………July 2012”.
  3. When uploading your resume document, the most common errors are:
    • Uploading a file that does not have an extension at the end. “resume.doc” is a valid file, along with “resume.pdf”. However, Macs will let you to name a document without an extension, such as just “resume”. This will be rejected by any server and computer that is not Mac based. I noted that your resume has two periods at the end, which would confound most file systems.
    • Having illegal characters in the file name, such as “# & ^ () / \< >” etc. In general, each company is only looking for a single document which must be your resume. If you would like to include your cover letter, you should combine your resume and cover letter into a single file and upload that new file. The resume parser will take care of the rest.
    • Uploading a file larger than 5MB. If is larger, you should remove pages or reduce the resolution of any ppt/jpg/pdf/psd files so they are smaller than 5MB. Upload your resume only at the top of page 2.
    • Burying the file in a complex folder structure on their computers - there are only so many folders and subfolders you can store a document before the Browse string becomes too long to be uploaded to many places on the internet. This becomes more problematic if you have a Mac because of its disseminated file structure. The fix is to place these additional documents on your desktop and upload from there. This could be the problem you are experiencing, so save the items on the desktop of the computer you are using and upload from there.
  4. The most effective way to ensure all the relevant information required is received by your company of choice is to submit your application through their online system.  Go back to the login page for the job at the website of your company of choice, since that is the only place you can be sure to find their most current job opportunities and submit your application with valid links.  Enter your email address and you will be able to submit your application, if you have not already done so from any laptop or desktop computer.  You could also try searching at www.indeed.com or www.simplyhired.com since Hirebridge posts jobs for all of our clients to those two destination job portals